Do you add salt to any of your meals or teas?
We do not ever add salt to any of our meals or teas.

Are you able to cater for special dietary/ religious requirements?
Absolutely- and we are very used to it. Our staff provide meals for many different requirements on a daily basis.

How do you ensure your meals stay hot?
We ensure you meals stay hot and fresh by minimising the transportation time.
Each nursery has a delivery time which enables us to ensure that your meals are taken straight from the oven, placed into insulated thermo box containers and then delivered no more than an hour and a half before the children are due to eat.

Do your meals contain nuts?
No, we keep a nut free kitchen.

Are you able to provide meals at short notice i.e snow days?
Yes, in fact with the snow last year we were able to provide meals for nurseries with hardly any notice.

Do you use organic produce?
Yes, all our milk is organic as standard well as a number of other products. We are also able to provide all our meals as an organic option.

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Sign up for our meals here Sign up or if you are already resistered order meals now