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All our staff and management are trained to the highest levels of food hygiene, health and safety and nutritional information. Our food handlers are trained to a minimum of level two and we always ensure that we have a member of management staff on site that is trained in level three. This ensures that we always have a team of chefs that understand the importance of food hygiene and are able carry out daily tasks in the safest and most hygienic manor possible.

We employ an independent auditor annually who assess our training schedules and ensures we are always evolving and staying up to date with any new and improved legislations. These are then implemented into our tailor made HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points) and staff are trained accordingly.

Our Catering Manager is fully trained in nutritional information on the dietary needs of children from nursery to senior school age. This comes in handy each and every time we update our menus.

With her knowledge and key guidelines set out from the Eat Out Start Well Award,  which we follow we are able to ensure the children receive a healthy, balanced and nutritious meal.

We are very proud to say that our Catering Manager, Miss Marion Jane has twice held the title of LACA Regional School Chef of the Year and has also placed in the top ten finalists for National School Chef Of The Year.

We encourage and expect all of the Little Tums Team especially delivery drivers to meet our customers with a smile. They, after all are the face of the business and I encourage each team member to build a rapport with each setting. I feel it’s practically important to have a regular and familiar face entering a nursery or school daily.  All our drivers seem to have earned nicknames from the children they deliver to, my personal favourite is  the “Yummy Man”.

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Sign up for our meals here Sign up or if you are already resistered order meals now