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Little Tums started in 2011 and catered for our first clients in a tiny commercial kitchen with only a 4 ring hob and small oven to cook with.

After a year on the 4 ring hob word of mouth was soon spreading and we began to take on new clients. It became apparent that we were going to have to expand to meet the high levels of interest. So we uprooted and developed our “East Sussex” kitchen.

We had been in our East Sussex kitchen for just over 3 years until it become apparent again that we were going to have to take the next step and developed a much larger kitchen in West Sussex.
In April 2015 we opened our brand new, fully equipped and European approved kitchen in West Sussex which now allows us to service a larger area of the South of England which includes London.

Our menus are approved by and independent team of nutritionists and have been granted a Gold Healthy Choice Award.
The Healthy Choice Award scheme ensures we offer children of a nursery school age a healthy balanced and nutritious meal through the food they receive from Little Tums. We are proud to say that we have only ever held the highest level of accreditation of this award, which is GOLD.

More information can be found here Essential Guide to Healthier Catering.pdf (brighton-hove.gov.uk)

We have never lost sight of why we started in the first place, which was to promote and install healthy eating habbits into children from a young age through high quality meals at an affordable price and with level of service that our customers can always rely on.

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Sign up for our meals here  Sign up   or if you are already resistered  order meals now

Sign up for our meals here Sign up or if you are already resistered order meals now